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Refractories for coke oven

Refractory materials used for coke oven

        SMETAL GROUP has the ability and reference projects in carrying out coking projects on EPC basis worldwide,with a 1,600,000t/a capacity coke oven EPC project for India’s TATA company as one of the successful examples of overseas coke oven projects implemented by SMETAL GROUP

        In the field of coke oven refractory materials, SMETAL GROUP is in a strong position both in designing and supplying all types of refractory for newly built coke ovens and undertaking projects for repairing and local reforming existing coke ovens.  

        Along with the continuous enlargement of BF volume, coke ovens are also developing in the direction of larger capacity and cleaner types.Coke oven carbonization chamber height keeps increasing. SSIT has experience and references in supplying refractory for 7.63m high coke oven.

       SMETAL GROUP selects silica cement of the best quality in China to have developed the coke oven special silica brick with high thermal strength, low true density, small thermal expansion rate and high tridymite content, as well as clay bricks with good thermal shock stability, and high temperature strength, applicable to special areas such as oven door and charging holes, to meet requirement for achieving highly stable oven body and long service life.

        SMETAL GROUP has successfully supplied all types of refractory used in coke ovens both in China and many foreign countries, becoming one of the largest coke oven refractory exporters in China.