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Refractory for steel ladle

The refractories for steel Ladle

        SSIT has rich experience in designing and supplying ladle refractory materials. Liquid steel ladles, normally used for containing liquid steel, are lined with Al2O3—MgO—C bricks in liquid steel containing zone and MgO—C bricks in slagzone, which is a comprehensive brick work manner for lining liquid steel ladles. Integral castable working lining or pre-cast blocks for working lining of liquid steel ladles are also possible if customers have special requirements, or actual conditions require the same. Application of all these types of refractory and structures for ladle working lining not only meets requirements  of different production processes for producing steel of different grades and reducing inclusions in steel, but also lowers production cost to the maximum extend, with excellent results.  

        Refractory supplied by SSIT is in conformity to customers’ requirements, designed and produced according to international or Chinese national standards. We can also supply refractory bricks and gunning materials according to tighter and special requirements of our customers. Refractory bricks and gunning materials supplied by SSIT and used in existing liquid steel ladles have resulted in more than 120 heats of ladle service life, by means of comprehensive bricking work and good arrangement of minor repairing and gunning repairing, resulting in ≤1.6 kg of refractory consumption per ton steel.