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Refractories for tundish

The refractories for tundish

    SSIT has rich experience in refractory design for tundish used in continuous casting. According to customers’ requirements and ideas, we give presentation of our design concept and plan first, while detailed design plan is prepared according to their actual production and surrounding conditions so that requirement of production process and product mix can be met, inclusion in liquid steel reduced and production cost lowered. Refractory supplied by SSIT is designed and produced as per international and also Chinese standards according to customers’ requirements. SSIT also supplies refractory as per customers’ tighter and special requirements. Service life of tundish lined with refractory supplied by SSIT has exceeded 50 heats. Application of tundish lined with magnesium-calcium refractory has made tundish steel refining possible, with total inclusion in liquid steel reduced instead of increasing.

    With the development of continuous casting technology, tundish has functions not only as a container and distributor of liquid steel, but also for steel refining (also called tundish refining). Quality of refractory lining of tundish, which is the last vessel in steel making process, has great effect on the quality of cast billets and slabs. Application of different technologies and materials such as retaining dam and cofferdam (including filter), impact plate, insulation multi-crystal fiber board, cast permanent layer, gunned working layer and dry materials with different functions, as well as basicalization and becoming lighter of their materials, has improved tundish service life, meeting customers’ requirements on heat nos. of continuous casting and steel quality.