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Mechanical Equipment

Magnetic liner

Magnetic liner is used on the horizontal wet ball mill to grind each kind of magnetic minerals, include strong magnetic minerals, middle magnetic minerals, and weak magnetic minerals; also can grind non-magnetic minerals, like Cu, Au, Ag, Zn, etc. 

Advantages of the Magnetic Liner: 
· Small pieces of plate, lighter on weight. It is easier for installation and maintenance. The mill’s work rate is increased by 3-4%. 
· Light total weight, reducing the burden of the mill, so the power consumption is decreased while operation. 
· Thin profile, to enlarge the mill volume and improve the mill output capacity; 
· Crushed medium is attached to the lining surface, so that the grinding condition is improved and the medium consumption is decreased by 5-7%; 
· Long life, which is about 3-6 times longer than that of the high manganese liner; 
· No leakage of slurry. The liner fixing to the mill hull is not by bolts, but by the magnetic force, thus avoiding leakage and improving the life of spare parts 
· Lower noise.