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For all industries with extreme temperatures and working conditions, Smetal Group is there for you


Engineering & Design
Our highly qualified engineers around the world use the latest tools & techniques to custom design your projects from start to finish.
Material Selection
Experienced sales engineers with deep understanding of your local market, industrial process.
Our supervisors and teams worldwide are trained to observe the highest safety and quality standards while working on your site.
Project Management
Our global project network of project managers, supervisors, technical experts and engineers benchmarks best practices worldwide.
With Smetal, project expertise on leading industrial sites, it’s natural that our approach is world-class, wide-ranging to your needs.
Smetal logistics personnel look after the timely delivery of our products to your sites across the world, carefully managing every step in the chain.
Recycling (Industrial Waste)
Unique system and reliable technologies for recycling industrial waste that is difficult to sort and recycle In our aim to achieve both environmental maintenance and industrial growth, we have rolled out our industrial waste recycling business.
For all industries with extreme temperatures and working conditions

Combining a global network with local expertise, Smetal Group offers customized solutions wherever you are: from monolithic refractory to bricks and precast shapes to a full range of engineering and installation services. Discover for your industry how Smetal Group can help you achieve more.

Leading distributors
Smetal Group is one of leading distributors of high-quality refractories for use in industries including steel plants, Iron & Steel, cement, Glass works, Power & Petrochemical industries.
Personalized products
We can provide our customers with professional and personalized products and engineering services according to the actual working condition and requirements of each customer, in order to meet customers’ increasing demand of energy-saving and product and best quality to help them improve and reduce CO2 emissions, Our tenet is: sustainability is the key to a successful life.

Our products Products

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What are refractory materials?

Refractory materials, like all solids, expand on heating, the degree of expansion being related to the chemical composition of the refractory. Magnesium oxide has the highest coefficient of expansion of the refractory materials commonly used. Silicon carbide has a comparatively low coefficient of expansion and fused or vitreous silica has the lowest expansion of all the refractory materials commonly used. Materials with high coefficients of expansion typically have poor resistance to thermal shock.

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Environmental measures
We implement environmental measures, including sprinkling water to stop dust rising from onsite roads and raw materials yards, etc., and using vacuum trucks to clean all over the steel mill.
Vehicle maintenance
Our company handles everything from statutory inspections of vehicles to everyday repairs. We have appointed full-time mechanics, meaning we can respond quickly to any sudden malfunctioning issues.
Equipment maintenance
We carry out installation and maintenance of the many different facilities used in the steel mill, including various types of equipment, cranes, and diesel trains, etc. We work to prevent problems from arising. This supports stable steel mill operation.
Safety measures
We have installed drive recorders on all vehicles to encourage efforts to ensure transportation safety. We carry out thorough safety measures, including holding regular health checks for all drivers to detect sleep apnea syndrome.


Some of the best selling products

More than 20000 tons exported world wide


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About us

We pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art technology in MBF and sinter projects.

Our main products are copper mould tubes, hydraulic spares, valves, copper tuyere stocks and cooling plates, ball mills, stacker-reclaimers. Besides refractories and metallurgical spares, we cooperate with Baosteel Design & Research Institute, Ansteel Design & Research Institute and other famous design institutes to offer EPC project services.

China has been in refractory merchandising since the Middle Ages and as time passed, our father to son heritage has turned into a billion dollars business.

Our refractories company, SMETAL GROUP CO., LTD is located in Dalian, a major port city and the center of alkaline materials and heavy industry. Benefitting from regional advantages, by also being close to all raw materials, SMETAL is engaged in the overseas promotion of Chinese high-grade refractories and machineries.

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